China News Network, Xichang, April 2nd, Topic: Forest fire in Xijiu Township, Xichang, Sichuan: The largest test of anti-recombustion after the fire is extinguished

Author Wang Peng Liu Zhongjun Tang Yan

On the afternoon of April 2, strong winds rose in Xichang. In the area behind the battery factory, the open flames have been extinguished, and the smoke from several smoke spots was blown off as soon as it rose. The Sichuan Ganzi Forest Fire Fighting Unit set up a water pump and carefully cleaned each smoke point with water.

As of 14:00 on that day, all forest fires in Jingjiu Township, Xichang City, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province had been extinguished, and 3279 firefighters were transferred to the smoke clearing point, remaining fire, and anti-rebound stages.

In the morning of April 2nd, the helicopter carried water to catch fire. Photo by Liu Zhongjun

The battery plant behind the mountain is one of the heaviest areas in the forest fire. From the evening of April 1st to the morning of the 2nd, the line of fire under the influence of wind crossed the ridge of Laoshan Mountain, approaching Laohai Beach, and threatened the lakeside streets.

"Here the mountains are dense, the slopes are steep, and it is difficult for people to enter the mountains and enter the forest to approach the fire." On the morning of the 2nd, after walking along the newly laid fire hose for nearly an hour in the bushes and weeds, the reporter met at the fire. When he arrived at Zhuping, a political commissar of the Ganzi Forest Fire Fighting Detachment in Sichuan, he told reporters that 100 members of the detachment arrived here at 7:30 in the morning and fired with the cooperation of a helicopter.

There were still many fires and smoke spots at the scene. The reporter saw that when encountering sporadic fires, firefighters used soil burial and wind extinguishers to blow them out, while larger fires used water pumps.

The sound of the propellers was getting closer, the helicopter poured water from the air, and the dust soon rose up a little higher. After burning all night, except for the bare trunks, the forest was covered by weeds and shrubs. The ashes are thick, and there is still room for touch.

On the morning of April 2nd, fire extinguishers cleared the smoke point. Photo by Liu Zhongjun

Zhu Ping said that the team members rushed from Kangding to Xichang in the early morning of the 31st and immediately started continuous fire fighting operations. "Heavy fuel loads and thick humus layers can easily cause forest fires to burn violently, and strong winds and changing wind directions have brought us trouble and danger."

In response to the fierce blast of a mountain fire, firefighters carried Type 18 fire extinguishers. Team member Liu Xin told reporters that the fire extinguishing bomb relied on instant high-pressure flame retardant flames. "It can instantly open the breakthrough, hold the fire head, and use it to escape in an emergency."

Local militiamen and villagers were also fighting the fire with the firemen. Armed with a sprayer, Ajia militia king Ajia kept spraying water on scattered smoke points to cool down. He told reporters that more than 60 militiamen went up the mountain to fight fire this time.

"Firefighters extinguished the fire in front. We kept the line of fire behind to prevent it from spreading." After staying in the fire for a morning, Wang Ajia's face and neck were covered with soot. The man with a darker skin at this time said: "As Xichang people, we want to play a part in fighting the fire."

Near noon, the regional fire extinguishing task was completed. Firefighters sat on the pine forest floor not affected by the fire. Some people drank dry food, some people took out their mobile phones to report their family safety, and several firefighters quickly lay down and fell asleep. Facing the reporter's camera, a fireman waved and smiled, "Don't shoot, it's too embarrassing!"

In the afternoon, the wind on the mountain gradually increased. The fire brigade, which was taking a break, received an order to clear the smoke point in another area, and the team was immediately dispatched. Until that night, the strong wind howling will be their biggest test. (Finish)