"La Casa de Papel", season 4, be confined with Netflix

Darko Peric and José Manuel Poga in "La Casa de Papel", season 4, a series from Netflix. © Netflix

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If the film industry looks gray in these times of forced confinement, the cinemas being closed and the film releases always postponed, the streaming platforms take advantage of the confinement. Especially when certain event series reappear. This Friday, April 3, Netflix is ​​putting online the new episodes of the Spanish series on a gang of robbers, "La Casa de Papel".


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We take the same strings, and we start again ... The robbers with pseudonyms of big cities, Rio, Tokyo, Nairobi or Helsinki, are always dressed in a red construction suit, with masks with the effigy of Salvador Dali.

In the first season, they locked themselves in the national currency factory in Madrid, the now famous Casa de Papel . In this season 4, we find them confined elsewhere, in the Bank of Spain. But the endearing thieves are in bad shape: the brain of the gang, the Professor, has been in disarray since the suicide, he believes, of his lover, Lisbon.

In the middle of a period of forced confinement

Inside the bank, the rivalries between the robbers are expressed dangerously. One of them is between life and death and they will have to improvise a delicate operation.

Colorful characters, sometimes grotesque situations, exacerbated emotions ... After a disappointing season 3, this fourth part is not in lace. But whatever, Netflix knows it can count on a large fan base: the platform says that 34 million subscribers had viewed the previous season in a week. And, in the middle of a period of forced confinement, this record could well be exceeded by these eight new episodes.

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