Mayor of Hiroshima Akiota "Receiving cash was easy and remorse" April 2 17:23

Shinji Kosaka, Mayor of Akiota-cho, Hiroshima Prefecture, said on Tuesday that the husband of the Liberal Democratic Party, Kanri Kawai, first elected last year's Upper House election and said that he had received 200,000 yen in cash from her husband, former Minister of Justice Katsuyuki Kawai. "I received the cash easily and I am sorry," he said in an interview.

Around the Upper House election last July, which was elected by Senri Kawai, it was revealed that Mayor Shinji Kosaka of Akiota-cho, Hiroshima Prefecture, received 200,000 yen of cash at home from her husband, former Minister of Justice Kazuyuki Kawai. On the 2nd, at the town hall, we responded to news coverage.

According to that, the cash was received around late April last year after Senri was approved as a candidate for the LDP. Former Minister Kawai said, "If the conservative votes can be divided, two LDP members will be elected. "And then handed a white envelope on the way home.

After that, "I was rejected a few times and was pushed back. I thought I was taking care of it in elections etc. and received it. Last month I checked the contents and found that 200,000 yen in cash was in." I explained.

Mayor Kosaka apologized, "I've received it easily and I'm sorry, I'm sorry that I lost my trust." He said, "I can't comment lightly on my progress."

It is said that 200,000 yen of cash was listed in the income and expenditure report as a donation to the political organization, and submitted to the Prefectural Election Commission. It did not disclose whether the prosecution had been interviewed.

Regarding the election violation case by Representative Kawai Kanri's camp, the Hiroshima District Public Prosecutor's Office clarified the flow of fund of the camp by listening to the situation from multiple prefectural council members and mayors of Mihara City and Otake City in Hiroshima Prefecture at will. Is progressing.