Helicopter support 2180 people assembled to launch a general attack on Xichang forest fire

Location map of Xichang forest fire key units. According to Xichang

By 6 p.m. on April 1, except for a fire line at Daying Farm on the back of Lushan, the rest of the fire area in Xichang Forest Fire has been controlled.
On March 30, a forest fire broke out in Jiujiu Township, Xichang City, Liangshan Prefecture. The fire quickly spread through the wind, turned over the mountain, and approached the Erhai Lake Mountain Scenic Area.
On the same day, professional fire fighters from Ningnan County, Liangshan Prefecture suffered a sudden change in wind direction during the fire fighting. 18 fire fighters and a local guide died, and 3 fire fighters were injured.
In the afternoon of March 31, due to the sudden increase of wind power, the fire scene rekindled for several kilometers, the fire light reddened the night sky, and the battle of Laoshan started.
After the day and night fighting, the fire began to decrease by April 1. On the morning of the same day, 2180 people gathered in 4 lines, and the helicopter sprinkled in the air to support the fire.
By the afternoon of April 1, all the open flames on the front of Lushan had been put out, and important buildings such as Guangfu Temple and the Slave Society Museum were safe and sound. By 6 pm on April 1st, except for a fire line at Daying Farm on the back of Laoshan, the rest of the fire area had been controlled and smoke points were further processed.

The open flame on the front of Laoshan has been extinguished

On the morning of April 1, the wind weakened. The reporter saw at the scene that there was no line of fire on the Laoshan Mountain, but the smoke was very strong.
At 6:30 in the morning, 2,180 rescuers from the province, state, and city gathered in four lines to prepare for the general attack.
Among them, Laoshan front fire line total attack team of more than 1,200 people, centered on Guangfu Temple, divided into three lines to carry out the total attack.
Madao Town Baihua Shengou Fire Line has a total of more than 800 attacking teams and went deep into the fire to make fire.
The Daying Farm Fire Line attacked more than 840 people, and focused on the willow stump and Gaojiashan two lines to launch a rescue.
Schools refueling, gas stations and other key areas, the total attack team of 70 people, cooperate with the Sheshan forest fire to extinguish the total attack.
At the same time, three helicopters were dispatched from Xichang Station of Southwest Airlines Forest Guard Station to sprinkle water from the air to extinguish the fire.
By 1:25 pm, all open flames on the front of Laoshan were extinguished, and the forest fire extinguishment in Xijiu Township, Xichang, Sichuan, had achieved initial results.

Guangfu Temple and Museum Wudi

The Sheshan Guangfu Temple was built in the Tang Dynasty. It is an ancient temple with a history of thousands of years. It has thousands of years of Kowloon Hanbai and a lot of precious cultural relics and buildings. The Liangshan Yi Slavery Society Museum is the first ethnographic museum in China and the only thematic museum in the world that reflects the social form of slaves.
On the evening of March 31, looking out across the Erhai Lake, the fire line approached the two buildings. Many citizens were worried that they would also be affected.
"It wasn't burned." The abbot of Guangfu Temple said that although the fire on the afternoon of March 31 did threaten the ancient temple once, but with the efforts of fire commanders and militia, and the wind direction changed, the fire did not burn Into the temple.
At noon on April 1, the Xichang City Forest Fire Joint Defense Command issued a message that Lushan Guangfu Temple and the Slave Society Museum were safe. In the direction of Laoshan, the middle line (Guangfu Temple to the top of the mountain) and the north line (Slave Museum to Xichang College) have entered the stage of cleaning up the remaining fire. On the south side, the fire was under control with a length of about 300 meters.
After all-out efforts, only part of the five ancestral temples of the Laoshan Temple were damaged, and the rest of the temples remained safe. Wu Zuyu is a Taoist temple. Six resident Taoists have all been safely transferred in advance. The mountain fire caused the monkeys to flee downward. So far, no monkeys were found dead. The Sheshan Management Office plans to change the feeding location to ensure the safety of the monkeys.
Under the joint rescue of firefighters, venue staff and social forces, the slave society museum as a whole was not affected by the mountain fire, and the precious cultural relics in the museum have been safely transferred to the underground warehouse of Erhai Hotel at the foot of the mountain.

Storage and distribution station resumes normal gas supply

On the evening of April 1, the working room of the Madao LPG storage and distribution station was brightly lit, and the staff were busy with it. Yuan Zhiyao, head of the storage and distribution station, said that the gas supply to Xichang City was restored as soon as possible after the fire was brought under control at noon on March 31.
The horse-storage and distribution station under the night looks peaceful, but in the past two days, it has been one of the focus of the fire in Xichang. Because it is the largest liquefied gas storage and distribution station in Liangshan Prefecture, it is equipped with dozens of large gas storage tanks, more than 200 gas tank mountains, and 260 tons of gas storage. It is responsible for the supply of gas throughout Xichang City. In the most critical moment, the line of fire was less than 100 meters from the station.
Yuan Zhiyao said that because the trees around the storage and distribution station were too dense, after the fire broke out on March 30, the staff inside the station organized and increased the isolation zone from 50 meters to 100 meters. At the same time, the emergency plan was started, all valves and power were closed, and the spray cooling facilities were opened. All facilities such as fire hoses and fire extinguishers are in place in accordance with the highest standards of protection, and designated personnel are on duty.
At 5 am on March 31, with the cooperation of local fire officers, militia and fire brigade, the open fire around the storage and distribution station was extinguished. Previously, all residents within 5 kilometers of the storage and distribution station were evacuated.
At present, the staff of the storage and distribution station began to restore the monitoring and communication facilities of the site damage caused by felling trees.