18:25 on April 1 due to depression due to difficulty in achieving occupational accidents as suicide post office worker

Ten years ago, a man who worked at a post office in Saitama City committed suicide, saying that the Saitama Labor Bureau was recognized as having work-related injuries as having developed depression due to the severe sales quota of New Year's postcards. Was. This was revealed by a male wife and a lawyer at a press conference at Saitama Prefectural Office on the 1st.

According to this, the 51-year-old man was in charge of delivery at the Saitama Shintoshin Post Office in Saitama City, but he jumped out of a window at his workplace in 2010, ten years ago, and committed suicide.

Men are being charged with the sales quota for a large amount of New Year's postcards, and if they are unable to achieve this, they are being forced to buy their own "self-destruction business" or have increased overtime work.

Two years before the man committed suicide, he was diagnosed with depression, but Saitama Labor Bureau recognized on March 31 that he had developed a work-related accident on the grounds that he developed the disease due to difficult quotas and increased workload.

Over this issue, a male bereaved family filed a lawsuit seeking damages from Japan Post, which was settled four years ago.

The man's wife complained that "I was finally recognized that my job was the cause of my husband's death and I was able to help my husband. I want Japan Post to never betray employees or society again." I was

Japan Post has commented, "I pray for the deceased man's happiness. We will take the suicide of our employees seriously and will continue to deal with the opinions of our employees with sincerity." did.