Social media pioneers shared pages of Social Media, video clips of various doctors in the world, who are wearing medical uniforms designed to deal with patients with the "Corona virus", as the costume consists of three protective layers that protect them from the virus spray and avoid transmission to them.

The Infectious and Immunology pathologist and Director of the Medical Care Laboratory, Dr. Jihad Saadeh, explained that the doctors working in the departments of treatment of patients "Corona" wearing a multi-layer protective medical uniform to protect them from the virus spray, as they deal with more than one patient infected with the virus at the same time.

He explained, "Emirates Today" that the first thing that the doctor wears is the approved medical uniform according to the standards of every hospital in the world in addition to a mask to protect himself from the "Corona" virus, and then a medical cap to cover the head, where the doctor wears a blue costume that is closed from the back To prevent air and mist from getting into his clothes from the front side if he deals with more than one "Corona" patient at the same time.

He pointed out that after that long gloves are worn up to the middle of the doctor’s hand and gloves to cover the shoes to prevent contamination of patients ’rooms with their shoes being sterile areas, and he continued that in the last stage, a thick white uniform is tightly closed and is considered the most important medical uniform to protect against viruses because it protects the doctor from Any breaches that may occur by patients where they are worn over the shoe and cover the head and neck completely and above it wear a plastic medical shoe to protect the doctor from any health risks, and finally a transparent plastic mask is put to cover the eyes and protect them from contamination.

He explained that the importance of doctors wearing the layers of the medical uniform is due to the possibility of exposure to the external uniforms due to the contamination of a patient in the face or in the doctor's clothes during the examination process or providing treatment, where the doctor takes off the first layer of the uniform or the first layer of gloves or the plastic medical shoe and continues In presenting his work naturally.

He pointed out that the protection of doctors working in the departments devoted to the treatment of Corona patients is very dangerous and that the protection factor, whether in wearing uniforms or the way to deal with patients, is important to maintain their safety and prevent the transmission of infection to them.