In a migrant camp in Calais (illustration). - Phil Harris / SIPA

  • Two migrants from Calais infected with the coronavirus.
  • They were placed in solitary confinement in a specific device.
  • A major “sheltering” operation will soon take place in Calais.

Two migrants from Calais tested positive for coronavirus and placed in isolation, we learned on Wednesday from the Pas-de-Calais prefecture. A “major operation” for sheltering must also take place soon.

“Two cases of covid 19 have been identified in the migrant population. The people concerned were immediately taken care of in dedicated apartments where they were followed up and placed in solitary confinement, ”said the prefecture.

Twenty places for migrants infected with coronavirus

"More generally, the State services have reserved around twenty so-called relaxation places to take care of migrant persons who are infected, in close connection with the Pass (Permanence of access to health care) ", She said.

In addition, "the state services are finalizing an important operation to shelter migrants" which should take place in the coming days. "Several sites have been identified in the department to serve as accommodation centers: holiday centers, hotels free due to the health crisis, sports facilities with accommodation, health facilities with capacities," she said.

Associations satisfied but who remain attentive

In an open letter, sent Thursday to the prefects of Nord and Pas-de-Calais, the associations welcomed "the opening of accommodation facilities on the coast for exiled people", but were concerned about "modalities of this evacuation and accommodation 'deployed.

They thus requested in particular "reliable", "complete" and "information in a language understood by those exiled prior to the evacuation" and departures "based on voluntary service and not on coercion".

The associations also asked for "an end to the evictions from camps" in which a thousand people (600 to 650 according to the prefecture) are currently living in Calais in the hope of reaching England.


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