- I get scared when talking about cultural creators, what is the definition of it? You often talk about artists, musicians and actors, the ones you see. But we also have all those who work behind the stage, says Christina Svärdström, freelancing sound technician and tour leader.

Christina Svärdström is one of all those working in the cultural sector, an industry hard hit by the corona virus. Christina Svärdström was touring England, but now she has no gig until August.

Full storage shelves

The crisis packages have been close enough for companies and small businesses. The cultural sector has received targeted support of 500 million. Many cultural workers are now waiting for information about who will receive the support and how it should be distributed. Virtually the entire cultural sector bears witness to the economic crisis, including those working behind and beside the stage.

Henrik Rydell rents equipment for cultural events and events and shares premises with Tobias Hallgren who works with lighting design. They have seen most jobs disappear in a short time. The warehouse in Årsta in Stockholm is full of stage technology which, instead of being out in productions, is now on the shelves and costs money.

- We'll do another two months. Then it's over, Tobias Hallgren tells the Culture News.

He and Henrik Rydell are basically positive about the crisis packages presented to entrepreneurs, but they are far from adequate and entail a bureaucracy that many small businesses cannot handle, they say.

Who works with culture in the cultural sector?

As far as the targeted support for the culture is concerned, they are doubtful whether they will be able to access it. Who really works with culture in the cultural sector?

- I think I work with culture, absolutely. But I do not think the support is aimed at the business we are doing. It would have been nice to have the peripheral services that make the culture go away, says Tobias Hallgren.

- We are a big part of the cultural industry with our technical knowledge and equipment, says Henrik Rydell.

Do you think you will receive the cultural support?

- No I do not think so.

Do you think you should get it?

- Absolutely, we are in the same boat as those who call themselves cultural workers do.