On April 1, there was still an open flame at the Xichang forest fire scene in Sichuan, and the command was launching a "total attack" on fire.

There are 510 forest fire rescue forces assembled in the local area, 70 professional lighters, 60 Dechang lighters, and 600 militiamen. The Guangfu Temple will be used as the center to conduct a "total attack" on the Sheshan fire.

The three "main attack" lines are: Woyun Mountain Villa, 150 people in the Aba Prefecture Forest Fire Brigade, Dechang Lighters Brigade 60, and 98 militiamen; the Guangfu Temple Mountain Gate front line, Liangshan Forest Fire Brigade 45, 79 militiamen, and There are 79 Shun rescue teams; 100 people in the museum, Ganzi Forest Fire Brigade, 40 Xichang Lighters, 108 militia. (Video of Wang Peng, Liu Zhongjun and Xuan Bin provided by Sichuan Forest Fire Corps)

Editor-in-chief: [Liu Xian]