Noortje Herlaar will play a role in the third part of the Soof film series. The actress takes on the role of a doctor in the film to be released at the end of this year, Dutch FilmWorks reports.

SOOF 3 is the third film about the character Soof, played by Lies Visschedijk. In addition to the first two films, two seasons of a television series of the same name were also broadcast on RTL.

In addition to Visschedijk, Dan Karaty, Fedja van Huêt, Elise Schaap and Anneke Blok also return in their roles. Rick Paul van Mulligen and the English actor Manpreet Bachu make their first appearance in the film series, just like Herlaar.

Herlaar broke in the Netherlands by winning the program Op Zoek Naar Mary Poppins . She got the leading role in this musical. She has also appeared in productions such as Urinetown , Saturday Night Fever and Lazarus . She was seen on television in series such as Mother, I want to join the Revue , Ramses and Lois .