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“We demand actions. No words of comfort. We are the ones who deal with patients. Here is an excerpt from their open letter. Monday, 500 employees of the University Hospital of Angers, all professions combined, officially asked "means" to the health authorities. This letter, written on the initiative of Force Ouvrière (FO), was addressed "to the Minister, to the prefect of Maine-et-Loire and to the director of the ARS of Pays-de-la-Loire".

Fixed-term contracts

In addition to masks, drug tests and sufficient drugs, the signatories, who denounce a "criminal" policy, demand in particular that "all fixed-term contracts be immediately established to ensure that all the staff are maintained for now and for tomorrow" . They also demand the requisition of factories that can manufacture masks as well as private laboratories that can perform screening tests.

The letter is mostly signed by nurses, nurses, nursing assistants, laboratory assistants, radio operators, or paramedics. The Angers University Hospital employs around 6,000 people, including a thousand doctors.


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