[Explanation] The new crown pneumonia epidemic has swept the world recently. Due to the epidemic, the Tokyo Olympics in Japan, originally scheduled to be held from July 24 to August 9, 2020, was postponed for one year. In response, Huo Qigang, deputy chairman of the China Hong Kong Sports Association and the Olympic Committee, said in an interview with reporters recently that the Hong Kong delegation's attitude is very positive and it has adjusted as soon as possible to actively prepare for war.

[Concurrent] Huo Qigang, Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong Sports Association and the Olympic Committee

We athletes in Hong Kong really have the mentality of athletes. They are very optimistic and maintain confidence. They are very considerate of the overall situation, and they hope that not only Hong Kong, but the whole world can get out of this situation.

[Explanation] Huo Qigang said that most Olympic athletes take the 4-year "Olympic Games" as their goal, and strive to keep their bodies and minds in a state of top preparation at the crucial moment on the eve of the Olympic Games. The delay of the Olympic Games for one year is the most important thing for the Hong Kong delegation to quickly adjust their training plans.

[Explanation] Huo Qigang admits that under the new crown pneumonia epidemic, athletes' training is not easy. Some Hong Kong athletes conduct intensive training in different countries and regions throughout the year, and the epidemic has spread globally, bringing a lot of uncertainty to the training of athletes.

[Concurrent] Huo Qigang, Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong Sports Association and the Olympic Committee

Before, they were really not easy. Many teams left Hong Kong for training before the game. Our kayak team originally went to Italy. The situation in Italy went out of control, and they suddenly ran to Germany. The situation in Germany was not optimistic. , And ran to other places, so really, at that time there was a lot of pressure on their coaches and athletes. I don't know where to go today.

[Explanation] In addition to changing the training venue from time to time, athletes must beware of infection. Huo Qigang revealed that at present, three karate athletes in Hong Kong have been diagnosed unfortunately and have all been hospitalized for treatment. There are also some players who are being isolated. The Hong Kong Association and the Olympic Committee also strive to provide them with equipment so that they can maintain their state and level as much as possible when they are isolated.

[Concurrent] Huo Qigang, Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong Sports Association and the Olympic Committee

As soon as the athlete stops (isolated) for 14 days, his condition may also decline. So we also try to provide them with some sports equipment, such as kayaking, (the team members) are back, but to enforce isolation at the hotel, we must coordinate with the hotel, and bring some kayaking tools to their room, So they can still maintain some appropriate amount of exercise every day. This is a situation that everyone has never seen before.

[Explanation] Huo Qigang said that the Tokyo Olympics have special significance for Hong Kong. Hong Kong athletes already have the strength to win prizes. Tokyo's proximity to Hong Kong also helps athletes to adapt and adjust quickly. He is very confident that the Hong Kong delegation will win gold at the Tokyo Olympics.

[Concurrent] Huo Qigang, Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong Sports Association and the Olympic Committee

I believe that many of our current athletes are absolutely capable of winning medals, especially gold medals. In fact, we haven't won gold medals since the reunification, and this time everyone's expectations, whether in the sports industry or the people, are all hoping to raise the regional flag and sing the national anthem in Taiwan. I think everyone is looking forward to this moment.

Reporter Chen Shuo lets Baokui report from Hong Kong

Editor-in-chief: [Ji Xiang]