Illustration of a "Happy Birthday" with clouds. - Geralt

Suuuurpriiiiiiiise! Well, no, no surprise. While the containment put in place to stem the coronavirus pandemic continues in France, with no announced date for lifting the device, the French continue to exchange with their relatives and friends as they can, by phone or video.

But if the Covid-19 has clearly changed everyone's daily life, the birthday calendar has not changed. How then, to wish a happy birthday to a family member or a friend without being able to see him in person? The cake, the candles, the gifts, the music, the party ... With three, two, or even one person in the room, the affair is seriously complicated.

And you, how are you doing ? Have you celebrated your birthday since the start of confinement, or have you celebrated that of one of your loved ones? Have you prepared a short video for the occasion? Talk about the gifts you would make once outside? Or make the same cake from a distance, to have the impression of sharing it? Too bad for the carpet of the living room, you organized a foam evening broadcast live? Tell us !


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