Hiroshima Akiota Mayor Receive 200,000 yen from Former Minister of Justice Kawai April 2 5:32


In May last year, the mayor of Akiota-cho in Hiroshima Prefecture received a 200,000 yen cash payment from her husband, former Minister of Justice Katsuyuki Kawai, in response to an NHK interview over an election violation by the LDP politician Kawai Kanri. I did it. This means that the cash was included in the earnings report as a donation to the political organization.

In the case of an election violation by the Liberal Democratic Party member Kawai Kanri, a member of the House of Councilors, the Hiroshima District Public Prosecutor's Office reported on the flow of the camp's funds by listening to voluntary information from the mayors of Mihara City and Otake City in Hiroshima Prefecture, in addition to multiple prefectural members. We are elucidating.

Shinji Kosaka, Mayor of Akiota-cho, told NHK, "I received an envelope from my husband, Mr. Katsuyuki Kawai, who visited my home last April and refused to receive it, but I could not refuse it. I checked and found that there was 200,000 yen in cash. "

He recognized that it was a donation associated with political activities, and on the 30th of last month, he described it in the income and expenditure report of his own political organization and submitted it to the Prefectural Election Commission.

Mayor Kosaka says, "I think it's my own immatureness to receive unclear cash when I'm preparing for the Upper House election." It did not disclose whether the prosecution was interviewed.

The prosecution is expected to proceed with careful investigation on the existence and purpose of cash transfer after listening to a wide range of circumstances from the parties concerned.

According to Mrs. and Mrs. Kawai on March 3, when his secretary was arrested, "we will not comment on facts at this time because we are investigating."