[Explanation] Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, children in many regions have experienced the "longest winter vacation in history". However, for these growing children, irritability and anxiety will inevitably occur at home for a long time.

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It would be very bad if I were not allowed to play.

But there are viruses.

I can't see it. I can't wait to play with the virus.

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I want to hang out, I want to hang out, I can't stand it.

[Explanation] Recently, when the reporter visited, Ms. Li from Huangpu District, Guangzhou, suffered a lot, and lamented that she had experienced an "unforgettable" parent-child time.

[Contemporary] Guangzhou citizen Li Bo

We have n’t been out for a long time now, and we are crazy every day together. She can't go out. She has a lot of energy every day and can't diverge. She feels that we are really tortured by her every day. I was exhausted every day, and then I slept late at night, and then I did n’t eat much, and I was about to collapse.

[Explanation] What makes Ms. Li even more worried is that, in addition to completing the homework assigned by the kindergarten teacher every day, the child is playing mobile phones and watching TV with almost no time for exercise.

[Contemporary] Guangzhou citizen Li Bo

I really feel a little helpless a lot, because I just ca n’t take it out. Inside the house, the space is limited, some equipment that can be played, and some places for sports are very limited, so we do, sometimes we do n’t know How to solve it better, so just like that, I don't think the child has grown much during the epidemic recently.

[Explanation] How to keep children from exercising without leaving home? Ms. Li remembered that her daughter had played a somatosensory game in kindergarten, so she also installed one at home, but did not expect to achieve good results.

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[Contemporary] Guangzhou citizen Li Bo

If she is at home or even outside, in fact, the child sometimes does not necessarily do some actions, such as squats or sliders, but these actions may be in the AI ​​machine, she learned, and then she experienced When it arrives, there is a new movement like this, and the development of some new limb movements. I think this is particularly good.

[Explanation] According to data from the Ministry of Education, about 200 million children and adolescents in China live at home due to the epidemic. Educational professionals say that home is also a rare opportunity for parent-child interaction, and parents must be more tolerant to ensure their children's routine.

[Concurrent] Yang Ning, Professor, South China Normal University

Maybe for many parents, especially for the "post-90s" young parents, this period is really a hard time. Parents must pay attention to positive education, and must be particularly tolerant and tolerant of their children. At the same time, there must be a bottom line, or the child must form good habits, and this pattern of work and rest must have requirements. Through a variety of equipment and through the linkage with the kindergarten, children can spend this time psychologically, not only physically.

(Reporter Wei Jeff Guangdong reports)

Editor-in-chief: [Ji Xiang]