In the sense of the hardships brought by the infection, Ukraine is united with all progressive, as well as regressive humanity. Quarantines, termination of communications, lack of doctors - here Ukraine, in principle, does not differ even from the USA, even from Russia, even from the “Ceyevrope”. The disease does not make out.

Although it has long been an unhealthy state of health, aggravated by the reforms of Doctor Death of Ulyana Suprun, as well as the general unimportant state of the economy and law and order, could not help but contribute to the overall sad picture. All over the world it’s bad, but in Ukraine it’s no worse. Suprunny medicine was intimidating even without any infection - you can imagine how it looks even with the infection.

The law allowing first limited and then almost unrestricted sale of land is difficult to consider as the primary concern of the government, faced with circumstances such as infection and the global economic crisis. At Bankova, if they wanted to, they could easily talk to domestic and foreign pushers who were interested in land law: “You see, you are right, but, however, this case does not fit the moment.” For it really does not fit at all. There are many more urgent concerns than the sale of Ukrainian black earth.

But the politician’s talent is to benefit even from the misfortune of the people. Today in Ukraine there is actually a state of emergency, the people, like all the peoples of the world, are confused and intimidated, which makes it possible to hurry to push through the incriminated law. Even having stolen some procedural subtleties - whether it is up to them now. Many observers in many countries argue that now the peoples are very weak and the authorities, if they so wish, can take their subjects with their bare hands. But in most countries they only talk about such an opportunity, the Ukrainian authorities decided that there is nothing to lose the golden time and it is necessary to forge the iron while it’s hot.

Again, the working people demand. Under such workers should be understood domestic (real and potential) latifundists, but even more - international structures: the IMF, the European Commission, the Berlin government. The calculation of which is simple. The economic situation of Ukraine was already unimportant, now it is catastrophic, and you can threaten Kiev: “I’ll stick the bristles! I’ll take a loan! ” And if Kiev does not want to be ruined and not tolerated, then let him do everything that he is ordered to do, and without his usual tricks and attempts to evade. Today we are not joking come to joke.

It sounds really menacing. Credit blockade, refusal of any help - here you will humbly give up half the kingdom, and then another half kingdom.

What V.A. Zelensky does it - he said that "because of the situation with coronavirus, the country was in a difficult economic situation, without the help of international partners, Ukraine faces default." And he called on the Rada to support two bills, which are the condition of the IMF to conclude a new loan program in the amount of about $ 8 billion and receive another $ 2 billion from the EBRD and WB.

Of course, someone else’s business is the side to decide for the ruling team in Kiev. As well as default is not the most pleasant thing. But there is some subtlety: there is a default and a default.

It’s one thing when everything in the outside world is quiet and folding, no wars, no disasters, no storms, and disasters can only happen in the country that the big uncles from the IMF and WB threaten with default. An economic blockade, speaking Russian. This is a strong incentive to take a knee-elbow pose.

Another thing is when storms and cataclysms are universal, world trade is out, and big uncles are not able to help, even if they passionately wanted it (what desire there are some doubts about). Then the increasingly popular motto “Dead fire is not afraid” begins to act.

When the IMF has no real influence on anything, everyone is saved on his own, spitting on all financial balances, and big uncles only puff their cheeks, being really powerless to do good and do evil. League of Nations in 1939.

For Ukraine, in a general fire, there is a chance to jump out of the bondage of the powerless IMF today. Another thing is that such a decision requires courage, will and willingness to take risks. Why the Ukrainian politicum is too impotent.

So grandfather Soros, most likely, will receive the desired chernozems, although for what he needs them in the current circumstances, he is unlikely to be able to explain.

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