At 20:23 on April 1, a magnitude 5.6 earthquake occurred in Shiqu County, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province (latitude 33.04 °, longitude 98.92 °), with a focal depth of 10 kilometers.

After the earthquake, the peasant and political commissar of the Corps went to the command center to learn about the disaster as soon as possible. He dispatched 2 people and 8 vehicles from the Shiqu County forward team. A total of 9 vehicles and 55 people from the Ganzi detachment were dispatched to the epicenter to carry out rescue. At the same time, three detachments, including Meishan, Ya'an, and Leshan, were dispatched for a total of 32 vehicles, 127 people, and 3 dogs to prepare for dispatch. No alarm message has been received yet. (Reported by Liu Zhongjun, editor Gao Yuhui)

Editor-in-chief: [Chen Haifeng]