27 new cases confirmed in Fukuoka Prefecture Unnecessary emergency self-restraint on April 1 at 21:52

It was confirmed that 27 people were newly infected with the new coronavirus in Fukuoka Prefecture on the 1st, and 73 people were confirmed to be infected in the prefecture. In response to the surge in infections, Governor Ogawa of Fukuoka Prefecture has called on residents of the prefecture to refrain from going unnecessarily on weekends and Sundays for the next three weeks.

A total of 27 people were newly infected in Fukuoka prefecture on the 1st, 21 in Kitakyushu, 5 in Fukuoka, and 1 in Kurume. 73 people.

Following a surge in infection confirmation, Governor Ogawa of Fukuoka Prefecture held a temporary press conference on the evening of January.

In this report, Governor Ogawa said, “Since the latter half of last week, the number of people who have been confirmed to be infected has increased, and more than 60% of people have unknown infection routes. In addition, infection has been confirmed in all four areas of the prefecture. It is an important time to prevent the spread of infection, and it is important to prevent the spread of the infection. "Both are on Saturday and Sunday, 4 and 5, 11 and 12, 18 and 19 this month. The day called for self-restraint of unnecessary and urgent outings.

He also called for avoiding unnecessary and urgent traffic to areas where infections are expanding, such as the Tokyo metropolitan area and the Kansai area, and to avoid crowds from the usual times.

In addition, Fukuoka Prefecture is urgently seeking to secure beds in cooperation with 88 medical institutions, including designated medical institutions for infectious diseases and cooperating medical institutions for other infectious diseases, as it is expected that the number of infected people will increase in the future. You.