At 10:48 noon on April 1, China Eastern Airlines flight MU9004 took off from Wuhan Tianhe Airport, carrying 142 medical staff of the Shanghai Support Wuhan Medical Team, and arrived safely at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport at 11:53 noon.

It is reported that the medical team returned by the Eastern Airlines charter flight mainly came from Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University. Since the expedition on February 7, they have fought 55 days and nights in the East Hospital District of Wuhan University People's Hospital.

This medical team is well known, and it is more from the warm moment under the setting sun: On March 5, the medical team member Dr. Liu Kai stopped at the East Hospital of the People's Hospital of Wuhan University and let the patient stop. The 87-year-old gentleman who has been hospitalized for nearly a month admired a long-lost sunset ... the two figures under the setting sun, the patient and the doctor, 87 and 27 years old, at this moment, it was unforgettable. (Reporter Yin Liqin editor Gao Yuhui)

Editor-in-chief: [Ji Xiang]