What some suppliers in the market are currently doing is unbelievable, they have shown the ugly side in exploiting the conditions and crises in the interest of making a profit at the expense of consumers, and they are aware that all consumers do not currently have a year or power except to buy at any price, especially after these suppliers have monopolized some Vital and necessary commodities, and they started manipulating their prices how they like.

The warehouse, which was seized by the Department of Economic Development in Dubai, transmits the greedy image of the greedy of merchants, where that supplier imported thousands of boxes from the masks, and stacked them in his warehouse without putting them on the markets, and not only that, but he started, early, buying other quantities That are in the market, at a price of 20 dirhams per carton, and after ensuring that he has become the only one who has this quantity, and make sure that the market is free of gags, while people demand it and want it in any way and form, hit it and send the gags in batches, and at a price of 130 dirhams per carton One, which means that he made a profit of 400%.

The punishment was the closure, and this is a good behavior from the department, but we hoped that he would be fined the size of all the amounts he unfairly took from the consumers, and double the punishment by merging the financial fine and the closure together, as it is really worth it.

The Federal Penal Code is full of deterrent texts, and it is enough to address the monopolistic merchants of goods, who take advantage of the circumstances of the current emergency crisis, and raise prices, and the penalty reaches a fine of five million dirhams, and the closure of the facility, so what is required now is to intensify inspection campaigns, and intensify commercial oversight of markets and suppliers, And then activating the law strongly and strictly, if these laws and penalties were approved under normal circumstances, then it is more appropriate today, and we are in these difficult circumstances, to tighten it and activate the maximum limits of penalties, to reduce these inhuman and dishonest practices.

Not all suppliers are bad, and not all of them are exploitative, there are prices that have risen significantly for reasons of stopping their import from the mother countries, due to the obstacles and difficulties caused by the virus, and other reasons that are not related to the local resource, these are not guilty, but those who deliberately exploit these conditions on purpose For the purpose of achieving double profits, these are the least said of them as criminals who deserve to be punished, just like the supplier of masks revealed by the Department of Economic Development in Dubai.

The time of adversity reveals the minerals, and this crisis made us witness two types of merchants: the first type are the initiators, loyal and loving to the homeland and the people, who launched humanitarian initiatives, and actively contributed in supporting government efforts, and they worked to alleviate the tenants and people, and they are many, and varying in their contribution Their trade, but they all contributed and sincerely cooperated to serve the community in this difficult time.

There are the second category, they are merchants and suppliers who took advantage of the crisis conditions worse and ugliest exploitation, they raised prices on consumers, stored the necessary goods and materials, and monopolized them, do not have a conscience, and do not know anything about humanity and honor, nor trade, as trade is honor, trust, honesty, social solidarity, and social responsibilities, They are not abstract numbers of any feelings and ethics.

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