Gentle talk


It was Christmas morning in 1870. Cosima wakes up from a deep sleep in a slightly raised hillside villa in Tribusch town on Lake Lucerne. She looked at the morning light that penetrated through the gaps in heavy velvet curtains, and suddenly the music from outside the room made her ears rise. The emotion contained in the ups and downs of string music is like the gentle talk of a lover, and the whirlpool generally embraces people. With the introduction of the flute, clarinet and oboe, the theme of love and happiness grows deeper and deeper, dragging people to deep water ... Is this a dream? Cosima got up and pushed the door open, and saw her husband Wagner commanding him, smiling at her ...

Cosima suddenly understood: Today is her birthday, this is a birthday gift from Wagner! Tears can't help but burst into tears. What an ordinary and extraordinary day. Destined to be written into the history of music one day. The time is exactly at 7:30.

Although there were only five or six instruments and 15 musicians performing on the circular staircase in this performance, the passion in it was not thin at all.

Cosima recalled in her diary: "When I woke up, I heard the sound, it became louder and louder, and I no longer thought that I was in a dream. It was music, what a wonderful music! Music is dying, reason Chad took the children and gave me the score of the 'Birthday Wishes Symphony'. I was so moved that I cried, and everyone else in the room also cried. "

Years later, the great conductor Toscanini lamented: When Cosima woke up in the music that morning, she was the happiest woman in the world!

In the score note, which was originally named "Tribson Pastoral," Wagner wrote:

Now my love will be awakened by a pleasant song

There is my soul in the music, this is a gift for you, love

The joy of memories is sealed in this secret temple

Gentle, like a rose hiding there

Before that, Cosima had given birth to two daughters and one son for Wagner. After six years of crossing the obstacle course, she was able to leave conductor Bello and become the wife of her admired musician. That year, Wagner was 57 and Cosima was 32.

And Richard Wagner's gratitude and love for his wife can only be confessed by music.

Since then, Wagner often played this song for Cosima in private. This was their secret private song. It was not intended to be published at first, but was forced by financial constraints. In February 1878, the song was compiled into an orchestral version. , And renamed "Siegfried Pastoral" (Siegfried is their son, named after the opera character of Wagner), and sold to the publisher. Otherwise, we might never hear this piece of music.

Musician Wagner wrote many major operas, such as "The Ring of the Nibelungen". For ordinary people, it is a prohibitive high altitude, but less than 20 minutes of "Siegfried Pastoral" is kind Dear, it has been with me for a winter morning run. Thinking about the excitement when Cosima received this birthday gift more than a hundred years ago, my heart followed warmly. Music is an extremely magical thing, it is so soft-hearted that love lasts forever.