It was early March that Tomas Oneborg, news photographer at SvD for 34 years, became ill with flu-like symptoms. On Tuesday, it became known that Oneborg had died, and that as a result of covis-19, SvD writes.

- It is with great sadness and dismay that we were reached by the message. Tomas was a very appreciated employee and an amazing professional. His significance for Svenska Dagbladet's picture journalism cannot be overstated, says SvD's editor-in-chief Anna Careborg, in SvD.

Among other things, Tomas Oneborg is known for his pictures from the terrorist act on Drottninggatan in Stockholm 2017, where he was first on the scene. He was honored with a second prize in this year's news picture the following year.

Tomas Oneborg turned 62 years old.