Foreign workers' wages fall below the domestic average by more than 80,000 yen.

According to a survey by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the wage of foreign workers working in Japan was 223,100 yen a month, which was less than 80,000 yen below the national average. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare believes that shorter years of service and younger average age are having an impact.

This survey examines wages in June every year for business establishments nationwide with 10 or more employees. Following the increase in foreign labor acceptance in April last year, last year's survey also covers foreign workers for the first time. became.

As a result, the wage of foreigners working full time was 223,100 yen on average on a monthly basis, excluding overtime pay. The average for the entire country was 307,700 yen, down 84,600 yen.

The average length of service of the foreign workers surveyed was 3.1 years, significantly lower than the overall average of 12.4 years, and their age was nearly 10 years younger than the overall average. I think that is affecting.

On the other hand, looking at wages in Japan as a whole by gender, women's wages are 74.3 when men are assumed to be 100.