The popular television series De Luizenmma will be followed by a feature film: Luizenmma - de Film . Dutch Film Works announced on Tuesday that Ilse Warringa, who played Miss Ank in the series, will take charge. Ilse Warringa makes her feature film debut as a director.

"The anticipation is already there, it already exists on paper and the film is already running at full speed in my head: so I can really look forward to reviving the characters of De Klimop and reviving them as usual. to chop each other! ", Warringa says.

The creator and director of the series Jan-Albert de Weerd calls the film "a culmination of the past three years of De Luizenmma ". "It is very special to develop De Film after two seasons of the series, now together with Ilse Luizenother ."

The series was popular with television-watching Netherlands. The story of a group of teachers and parents who were involved in a rather absurdist primary school was central. A recurring theme was the song Hallo Allemaal by Juf Ank, which went viral afterwards.

It was known for some time that the cast did see a Lice Mother movie. All cast members, with the exception of Diederik Ebbinge, wanted to participate.

The film is produced by Nijenhuis & Co ( De Beentjes van Sint-Hildegard ) in co-production with Bing Film & TV ( De Luizenmma ).

The recordings are scheduled for the second half of 2020.