The Last Dance , a ten-part documentary series about basketball player Michael Jordan and his club Chicago Bulls, has previously been released on Netflix due to the corona crisis. The American channel ESPN says it responds to the appeal of fans: "Right now people are looking for distraction in sports."

"While we now have to do without live sports, people are still looking at the sports world to escape and enjoy a collective experience." According to the channel, it has succeeded in accelerating the production schedule. As a result, the first episode of the series will appear on Netflix on Monday, April 20. That is two months earlier than originally planned.

The documentary, directed by Jason Hehir ( The Fab Five , The '85 Bears , Andre the Giant) , tells the story of one of the best basketball players and most successful teams in sports history: Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.

In late 1997, Michael Jordan, Bulls director Jerry Reinsdorf and head coach Phil Jackson agreed to have the basketball season captured by a film crew. This resulted in a portrait that is now shown in the documentary series The Last Dance .

The series takes viewers behind the scenes during the race for the championship in 1998. Jordan's teammates and his coach are discussed. This has been supplemented by recent interviews with rivals and icons. The series also shows the growing tensions and conflicts that played out during the last championship battle.

Two episodes of the series will be released weekly from Monday, April 20.



Watch the trailer for Michael Jordan's career with the Chicago Bulls here