[Explanation] On March 29, the reporter saw Elken Tiemu, who was feeding his cattle and sheep, in Tawenjueken Village, Bohu County, Xinjiang.

Elken is a poor household in the archives of Tawenjueken Village. The couple are fragile and sick. In 2017, the township government issued poverty alleviation sheep to them through the poverty alleviation project, which covered the sheep poverty alleviation. .

[Contemporary] (Irken, villager, Tawenjue Village, Bohu County, Bazhou, Xinjiang) My wife has high blood pressure. I have various diseases. I have a stomach problem myself, and I did not have the energy to work hard. In 2017, the country covered us with a 100-square-foot sheep pen and gave 14 sheep.

[Explanation] He has not been idle in the past three years when he received the poverty-relief sheep. Elken actively asked the local animal husbandry experts for feeding methods and carefully fed. Gradually more than a dozen sheep became a group of sheep. After he sold the sheep, he bought three cows for breeding. Now one of the cows has a calf, and Elken's way of getting rich is getting more and more Clear.

[Contemporary] (Erken, a villager in Tawenjue Village, Bohu County, Bazhou, Xinjiang) This year, three big cows and three big cows were born. about. If the 45,000 yuan or 10,000 yuan silage is eaten, 35,000 yuan will be collected in his own pocket. (Subsequently) I can buy sheep or cattle, or do some business (small business). My current thought is that I'm getting (it) snowballs more and more, I roll it over, I expand it.

[Explanation] Elken Tiemu said he now has his pockets full with his own hands.

[Contemporary] (Erken, a villager in Tawenjue Village, Bohu County, Bazhou, Xinjiang) It ’s not enough to rely on the country. I rely on my own hands and we fill our pockets.

[Explanation] It is understood that since 2017, Bohu County, Bazhou, Xinjiang has distributed 6,150 poverty-relief sheep to 430 poor households, helping low-income families to gradually get out of their difficulties.

Zhang Ge Huang Lijuan Luo Zhiwei reports from Bazhou, Xinjiang

Editor-in-chief: [Luo Pan]