“The baric formation, which is very far away, but we are now dependent on it, will determine the cold weather in the European part of Russia,” Wilfanda quotes RIA Novosti.

He said that a cyclone usually always exists over Iceland. This, according to the weather forecaster, is the "so-called center of action of the atmosphere, it is all-weather."

Villefand explained that he “exists due to the fact that cold Greenland is west of Iceland and the warm Gulf Stream to the east” and such a temperature difference leads to the formation of a cyclone.

At the same time, as the weather forecaster notes, in the next two days an anticyclone will be established over Iceland, which is uncharacteristic for this region.

Villefand said it is a very powerful anticyclone with a record pressure in the epicenter.

“Such a rare event,” he said.

The weather forecaster said that the European part of Russia, including Moscow, will be located on the eastern periphery of this anticyclone and "it is on this eastern periphery that the cold polar air will lower, the movement of pronounced cold, polar air from the north."

“This is the reason for the current cold snap,” Villefand said.

Earlier, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Moscow announced an emergency warning in connection with adverse weather events.