The ignorant "girly sense" of the youth was the main theme of the female characters on the screen, which made many actresses unable to find a matching role in the age group with the best acting skills and experience, and also obscured the real existence of contemporary women. Right now, this is changing-

The screen "Da Qing Yi", they met the right drama at the best time

Our reporter Zhang Yanxi

"Imperfect She" got a lot of attention right after it was launched. In the play, the industry-recognized acting groups Zhou Xun, Hui Yinghong, and Zhao Yazhi stand on three legs and are called "dream lineups." Similarly, in the hit "If Time Comes Back," Jiang Xin, Zuo Xiaoqing, Zhao Ziqi and other female starring rely on mature acting skills to tell the family's emotional stories encountered by the middle-aged.

These characters can attract attention and cause topics, without the precise shaping of actors. From family to the workplace, a group of mature women is the most popular image on the screen recently. In the just-completed "Home", the real estate agency played by Sun Ye is brilliant. With a dedicated work attitude, he propagates a bold workplace declaration— "A house I can't sell without"; played by Chen Shu in "Perfect Relationship" Stella, a public relations elite, is extremely popular in the workplace. Both 37-year-old Sun Li and 43-year-old Chen Shu are the best among the Mesozoic actresses. They faded away, added the sharpening of acting skills and personal experience, and have a natural fit with mature and capable workplace roles. Applying the concept of opera, they are the "Daqingyi" in the play, and their screen highlights continue at all times.

From the perspective of sociologists, the strong return of Mesozoic actress actresses has pleased the audience because it conveys a screen to open up and tolerate women's stories. "The increasingly rich image of women in the workplace now broadens the on-screen work stories and female narratives, and also allows more actresses to board the train of realism and harvest vivid roles that match their age and image." Fudan University Family Development Research Center director Shen Yifei said.

Personalities can be quite different. Professionals speak in the workplace, and they give audiences a thumbs up.

Both An Jia and Perfect Relationship are directed by An Jian. To the surprise of the audience, the two working women from the same director, each with their own characteristics, did not collide with each other. A person wearing a basic set of anti-wrinkle fabric, riding a small e-donkey, taking a swashbuckling eight-character step, turning between various real estate and customers; one stepping on high heels, strong and exquisite, and wearing various suits out of the runway Texture. Judging from the styling and physical expression, Sun Yan and Chen Shu have already shown two very different workplace states and character personalities. This is also the key for the two women in the workplace to have deep roots in the hearts and minds of both professional professionals and the rich brilliance of individual lives.

In Anjia, Fang Sijin is a typical "wolf-like employee"-a top-notch business and strict with others. However, the outstanding performance of this role is not from the "Golden Finger" of the screenwriter, but is shaped by the real and delicate workplace details: she will know the weather forecast in advance, and will help to get closer to the middle-aged and elderly customers on the grounds of helping to collect clothes; She knows the room type and customer needs thoroughly, and even plans decoration details for customers; even the "semi-permanent" big black umbrella that will be carried with her whenever she is immersed in the spirit of the staff-when the sun is shining, it can be Female customers can shade and shield customers from wind and rain when the weather changes suddenly. Fang Sijin's image of "live in his eyes" is always enlightening and encouraging to many newcomers in the workplace. Sun Yan himself is also very realistic in shaping the character. In order to highlight the simple and able character of the character, Sun Yan bought more than 20 gray and black suits with similar tones and only small details. The director initially thought that she only prepared two sets of lines. .

Unlike Fang Sijin's hard work and initiative, Stella in "Perfect Relationship" already has a certain status in the industry, showing the elegant and mature side of women in the workplace. When the company's president owed huge sums of money, Stella, a public relations company partner, did not panic. Instead, she took advantage of the situation and stabilized the overall situation while taking advantage of the opportunity to find ways to turn the crisis into an opportunity. Sudden conflicts and predicaments, she never pushes aggressively, but resolves with convincing rational judgment and courageous personality charm. Chen Shu said that before the performance, she set up Stella's keyword "aura" with the director. The success of this role lies precisely in the interpretation of the professional aura—not that the concave shape is powerful, but that it has a good sense of control.

From "Girly Sense" to "Professional Sense", the audience appealed for more abundant female stories

Song Dandan once sighed that in the age group of 35-48 years old, he has never been able to find an outstanding role that matches his age. For a long time, the youthful “girlishness” was the “main theme” of female characters on screen. This not only embarrassed actresses with “no drama”, but also obscured the real existence of contemporary women. . Nowadays, the theme of women's workplace has risen rapidly, and the classic image has been repeatedly achieved, which has caused hot debate on the Internet. This just shows that the screen returns to realistic texture and excellent acting.

In fact, the story of mature women in the market has been very high. In recent years, Tang Jing in "My First Half of Life" and Su Mingyu in "It's Alright" have all surprised audiences. Some netizens even had their brains wide open and co-wrote a series called "Lady's Character". The series, starring Yuan Quan, Chen Shu, Yu Feihong, and Zeng Li, tells the chic life of four elite women living under the same roof. The four women in the play jumped out of the trivial daily life of mother-in-law and mother-in-law, and broke through the sky with their own wisdom and ability. As soon as this idea came out, it received a lot of likes and reposts, and even led to a lot of clips and videos made by netizens, showing the traffic potential behind this theme. However, neither the two elements of women and the workplace are the strengths of domestic dramas. The former is always caught in Mary Su's favor, and the latter is accused of "unprofessional." Therefore, there are not many images that can truly empathize with everyone. At present, a group of Mesozoic actresses are returning intensively with the image of the workplace, which is a response to the audience's aesthetic needs in the film and television drama market, and also reflects the upgrade of domestic workplace drama.

"Every stage of women's life has a unique story, and people of every age group are eager to see their own stories. The domestic dramas have vigorously explored the living conditions of women in the workplace, which is a good way to enrich women's narratives. Head. We are more looking forward to the story of more elderly women and rural women on the screen in the future. "Shen Yifei said.