Strengthening support to prevent the spread of welfare facilities for persons with disabilities due to mass outbreak March 30, 13:05 Chiba

Chiba Prefecture held a meeting of the Response Headquarters and confirmed that it would strengthen support systems for welfare facilities for persons with disabilities in Higashisho Town, where the outbreak of the new coronavirus occurred, to prevent further spread of the infection.

It has been confirmed that 86 people, including residents and staff, have been infected with the new coronavirus by 29 days at the Hokuso Nursery Garden, a welfare facility for the disabled in Higashisho-cho.

Chiba Prefecture held a meeting of the Task Force at 11:00 am, and at the beginning, Governor Morita stated, "We consider the expansion to be a serious matter and we will discuss support for facilities." According to the prefecture, the test results of remaining staff and residents are expected to be revealed in the afternoon on the 30th.

In addition, at the meeting, doctors and nurses who are familiar with infectious diseases in the prefecture will be continuously dispatched to the facility, and people who are staying at the facility will be monitored to see if the disease has become more severe. I confirmed that.

To date, 189 people have been tested on the premises, indicating that approximately 45% of those tested have been infected.

After the meeting, Governor Morita said, "I'm very shocked by the grave situation. I want to focus on dispatching support so that it will not expand further."