Signing activity of wife of a Finance Bureau employee who committed suicide More than 170,000 supporters in three days March 30 14:10

A wife of a Kinki Finance Bureau male employee who committed suicide over being involved in falsifying the Ministry of Finance's decision on Moriyu Gakuen's decision document signed a request by the third party for a review by 30 days. More than 170,000 people signed and signed in three days.

The wife of Kinki Finance Bureau official Toshio Akagi (then 54), who was involved in falsifying a decision document and committed suicide, reportedly re-examined the facts on a third-party committee on the Internet site “” on March 27. Started a signature activity calling for an investigation.

Over the past three days, the number of people signing in support of Mr. Akagi's wife's lawsuit has rapidly increased, and as of 11 am on the 30th, more than 177,000 signatures have been gathered.

There are many comments from the signers that reexamination is needed, such as "you should reveal the truth."

Mrs. Akagi's wife told NHK that she told a lawyer, "I'm very grateful that many people have agreed. I'm sure that your feelings will reach Prime Minister Abe and Finance Minister Aso. The notes and wills left by my husband. I will continue to ask for my life until I can review it again. "