Now that everyone is confined to the house by the corona virus, Alain Clark has decided to make music with other artists and to share it via Instagram. In conversation with, one of those artists, Jeroen van der Boom, tells that something beautiful may have rolled out afterwards: a positive song.

"The two of us sat down and listed things that made us happy. That is also the working title now. I have so much to be happy about . Far too long title, but it made us very happy," said the singer.

Van der Boom now spends a lot of time at home and spends time with his family. He does not see his father and mother, who are both older than seventy, at the moment. "And that is very sad, but it is no different now. I am also amazed at people who just go to the beach now as if nothing is wrong. People: don't think about yourself like that. about you, but about your fellow man. "

Right now the singer finds it important to think about fine things as well. The song he got from Clark is a summary of those things. "I went to bake pancakes and the first one worked, how often do you experience that? So that includes the smell of flowers, your children playing, a nice place in your garden that you had not yet discovered. You register now suddenly things you didn't notice before. "

The number will not be released for the time being. "No, and maybe never. On the one hand, you want to inspire people and make it clear: there is so much beauty. But it doesn't feel right to release a very happy song now. There is too much going on in the world."