Japanese national comedian Ken Shimura is shocked to leave the world in a week after confirming Corona19.

According to media outlets in Japan on the 30th, Ken Ken Shimura was confirmed to be positive for Corona19 on the 23rd. Earlier, Ken Ken Shimura had symptoms such as fever and dyspnea since the 17th. After being admitted to the hospital, Ken Ken Shimura was treated with a reliance on a ventilator, but was reportedly dead.

Ken Shimura was active in his 70s. He was appearing in the drama 'L' as well as an entertainment program. Even on the sixth day before the onset, it was reported that they were filmed in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, and the route of infection and specific traffic routes were controversial.

It is known that not only Japanese big-time comedian Ken Shimura, but also celebrities such as football association president Tajima Gozo and professional baseball player Ito Hayata are infected with Corona 19.

Japan's response to Corona 19 is also changing. Journalist Taro Kimura gained consensus by saying, "Correctly disclose the number of people infected with Corona 19 and actively respond."

Regarding the death of Ken Ken Shimura, many local netizens are expressing opinions such as "I need to change my awareness of Corona 19."

(SBS funE reporter Kang Kyung-yun)