Heilongjiang Province Launched Yichun Luming Mining Co., Ltd. Tailings Reservoir Ore Sand Leak Environmental Emergency Emergency Second Response

Xinhua News Agency, Harbin, March 30th (Reporters Li Jianping and Wang Song) The Heilongjiang Provincial Government issued an announcement on the evening of the 29th. After research, it was decided that starting at 21 o'clock on March 29, 2020, Yichun Luming Mining Co., Ltd. tailings ore ore Emergency secondary response to environmental emergencies.

At 21:00 on the 29th, reporters saw at the site of ore sand leakage in the tailings depot of Yichun Luming Mining Co., Ltd. that a large machinery was operating here, and vehicles carrying rescue supplies and personnel were gathering here. Because the scene was located in a mountainous area, the road leading to it was narrow and muddy, making it difficult for small vehicles to pass. There were a lot of snow and ice on both sides of the mountain road.

Because the incident may cause river pollution, Yichun Tili City has issued an authoritative announcement through the official media to disclose the relevant situation to the society, and has quickly launched an emergency plan to ensure water supply safety, converting the first water plant with pollution risk to two or three. Water plant to ensure the normal and safe use of water by residents.

At about 13.40 on March 28, tailings sand leaked from the tailings pond of Yichun Luming Mining Co., Ltd. in Heilongjiang Province, and some of it entered the Ijimi River. After learning about the situation, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment attached great importance to the emergency response procedure. Heilongjiang Provincial Emergency Department, Ecological Environment Department, and Water Conservancy Department sent experts to the scene and set up a rescue command. At present, various rescue work is being carried out in an orderly manner.