Egyptian artist Enas Ezz El Din revealed that she was infected with the new Corona virus, explaining in a video posted on her account on Facebook, yesterday evening Sunday, that her injury came after her return from Morocco three weeks ago, on a plane that had a person infected with the virus, and he did not disclose About that only after reaching the capital, Cairo.

The artist and singer, whom the audience knew through her participation in the Arab Idol program in 2014, stated in the video that she is present in home isolation, and she did not mix with any of her family members, and stated that she is in good health, stable psychological condition and does not suffer from any psychological disorders, adding: «The topic "It is not wasted, and not, as some say, the element of the conspiracy ... I am fine and satisfied."

She criticized the behavior of some of the injured through social media, and the videos they broadcast in which they appear in a state of crying, collapse, and screaming, which creates a state of tension and panic among the public. She also criticized the claims of some of the disease to lead the "trend", saying: "The disease does not contain allegations and does not know the trend and people are unable to tolerate more panic."

Enas Ezzedine called on the Ministry of Health to provide means to communicate with the public, and people who suffer from symptoms similar to the symptoms of infection with the virus, pointing out that the communication numbers that were provided do not answer until after a while, and that the focus in the diagnosis depends on measuring the patient's temperature.

She stated that she was infected with the virus but was not suffering from high fever. Her symptoms were shortness of breath and headache, and then began to increase her severity.

Immediately after the video spread, the Egyptian Ministry of Health sent an ambulance to transport the young artist to the Isolation Hospital.

In February, Inas Ezzedine released a new video clip for the song "Malnash Nassib". She had announced her retirement from the art in 2014 and returned a few weeks later.