China Weather Network News Today and tomorrow (30-31), there will be more clouds in Beijing's sky, and the temperature will continue to rise. With the arrival of cold air the day after tomorrow, the temperature in Beijing will drop slightly.

Yesterday, the weather in Beijing continued to warm. The highest temperature was 16.9 ℃. Yingfeiyan danced with wind and crickets, but the temperature difference between day and night was large. The lowest temperature yesterday morning was only 2.3 ℃.

Today, Beijing's temperature will rise further. It is expected that the weather in Beijing will turn fine to cloudy today during the day, the south wind will be changed to the third and fourth (gust six), the highest temperature is 18 ° C; at night, it will be cloudy, the south wind will be changed to the north wind, the lowest temperature is 7 °.

Tomorrow, Beijing's sky will still have a lot of cloud cover. The southerly wind will be obvious in the afternoon and the temperature will rise. The highest temperature can reach 21 ° C.

The day after tomorrow, Beijing will be affected by a new cold air, and the temperature will fall again, but the decline is not large, and the maximum temperature is still 17 ° C.

Experts remind that the temperature of Beijing has fluctuated significantly recently, and the temperature difference between day and night is large. Pay attention to increase and decrease of clothing in time. Beijing is dry and windy in spring. Pay attention to hydrating and moisturizing daily. Qingming is about to invite civilized sacrifice and beware of fire.