Singer Lee Seung-ki appeared on SBS 8 News as a daily announcer and collected topics.

Singer Lee Seung-gi appeared in the sports news corner held by announcer Kim Yoon-sang at the end of 'SBS 8 News' broadcast at 8 o'clock on the evening of the 30th. Lee Seung-gi, who was introduced as a daily announcer by Kim announcer, said, “We prepared a video for Lotte Giants Sang-ho Kim, who was diagnosed with brain tumors two years ago.”
Lee Seung-ki delivered the news of the Lotte Giants team practice game held at the Sajik Stadium in Busan on this day and said, “So far, it was Lee Seung-ki, the daily announcer.”

Lee Seung-ki ended the sports news corner by running the news naturally and without mistakes.

The netizens who came across the video in real time said, "Why is my brother out there?" "I'm surprised" "Are you shooting an announcer experience program?" "I thought they were synthetic because they came out," and "I think they are like brothers."

The SBS deacon, starring Seungki Lee, is broadcast every Sunday at 6pm.

(SBS Substar)