"Message" Reflects the Light of Civilization

"The mountains and rivers are exotic, the wind and the moon are the same day" "Is there no clothes, and the child is the same" ... In the difficult period of China's fight against the epidemic, the Japanese poetry from various circles donated materials to China, cheering for the Chinese people, writing two New tales of international relations. The materials donated by Toyama Prefecture, Japan, Liaoning Province read "Liaohe snow melts, Toyama blooms; with the same tree, we hope for spring", and it is cleverly integrated into the "Liaohe" and "Fuji Mountain" images. On the materials donated by Ota City, Gunma Prefecture, Japan to Shanghai Jiading, a phrase "willing to meet, do not take the mountains and the sea as far as possible; wish the epidemic subsides, Jiatai peace", cleverly integrate the place names of the two places, and send good wishes. The aid materials coming from the mountains and rivers, accompanied by timeless poems, empathy and support at the moment of trouble, deeply moved the Chinese people.

It is a traditional virtue that flows in the genes of the Chinese nation, and it is also a vivid portrayal of China's cooperation with other countries in the world to fight the epidemic. Facing the grim situation of the outbreak at many points around the world, China has provided emergency assistance to more than 80 countries and international and regional organizations such as the World Health Organization and the AU. Chinese local governments and enterprises have also provided other countries through various channels. Anti-epidemic materials. The message written on China's aid supplies went global, and the friendship of the Chinese people passed on to the Quartet.

Human civilization is colorful, and the languages ​​and languages ​​of different countries have their own characteristics. In the face of common challenges, human emotions are common and can cross language and cultural differences. When China donated masks to Japan, it not only wrote "The fog is warm, the cherry blossoms will be bright" in Chinese, but also quoted "there are no strangers under the cherry tree" of Japanese haiku poet Kobayashi Icha; anti-epidemic materials raised for Iran It is accompanied by the Chinese "Chinese fuel, Iran fuel"; in terms of aid to France, there are Shu Han scholars from the Three Kingdoms Zhou Zhou "comrades of a thousand miles, stick to the stone", as well as French writer Hugo's famous saying "unity will triumph"; In terms of donations to Italy, there are not only the "breaking the dark night and seeing the stars" in the famous Italian poet Dante's "Divine Comedy", but also the Chinese poetry about cultural exchange between China and the West ... ancient and modern Chinese and foreign expressions and interpretations are all The fate of mankind is the wisdom and concept of unity, mutual help, unity and mutual assistance.

Chinese civilization has a tradition of tolerance, and it is precisely because of this civilization that the Chinese people know how to respect and appreciate different civilizations and cultures, and are more able to share the epidemic sentiment encountered by other countries. Most of China ’s messages on donating materials from other countries have drawn on the cultural classics of the countries it has donated, and has won praise for its sincerity and kindness. On China ’s aid to South Korea ’s anti-epidemic materials, there are “not far away, no man is foreign” from the scholar Silla Lu Tang Tang Cui Zhiyuan, and the ancient Korean poet Xu Zheng ’s “the liver and the gallbladder are photographed with each other, the curling moon reflects the cold moon” ; "Let's disappear, night! We will win at dawn!" The Chinese opera donates the words "Turandot" printed on Italian donations, conveying the same love and hope ... The power of Chinese and foreign civilizations draws closer to each other the distance.

"Science cannot be reached for the time being, civilization will arrive." The beautiful message on anti-epidemic materials reflects the light of human civilization and gives people strength and hope in the haze of the epidemic. In this global war epidemic, respect for colorful civilizations, adhere to the concept of common destiny and share common destiny, and humanity will win a common victory.

Xie Jianing