As the situation of the epidemic prevention and control in Hubei continues to improve

Retrograde soldiers in white embarked on their return journey

Farewell to Jingchu, they melted sweat and glory into the rivers and earth

Say goodbye to innocence, they carry the shoulders with young shoulders

Farewell comrades-in-arms, please remember the good agreement between us

Farewell to the haze, they are on a mission to a new battlefield


This is a long farewell

For a more beautiful reunion

For eternal glory


Director system: Tian Shubin

General planner: Guo Bensheng and Zhou Hongjun

Producer: Xiao Yang

Script: Tang Xiaoke Wang Zhiyan

Director: Zhao Yujiao, Wang Zhiyan, Wang Ying

Late: Chen Zheng

Design: Cheng Yuanyuan

Special support:

Xinhuanet Hubei Channel

Guangdong Channel of Xinhuanet

Xinhuanet Hebei Channel

Editor-in-chief: [Tian Bochuan]