[Contemporary] On-site: Welcome to Wuhan Rail Transit Line 2. Please scan the QR code of the car and register it by real name. The train terminus is Optics Valley Railway Station, please stand firm and support it.

[Explanation] On March 28, Wuhan Rail Transit 6 lines resumed operation, and Wuhan Railway Passenger Station resumed arriving business on the same day.

[Explanation] Wang Yuchen from Jingzhou, Hubei, after moving to Hankou Railway Station on the same day, transferred to Metro Line 2 to his home in Wuhan. He told reporters that with the wake of traffic, I felt that Wuhan had pressed the "play button".

[Contemporary] Wang Yuchen: I feel that Wuhan is also the same. It was said that the pause button was pressed before. I feel that now Wuhan is also slowly pressing the play button, and then the entire city is operating normally.

[Explanation] Before travelling, citizens need to get a health code "green code" before they can take the subway. When entering the station and getting off the bus, you need to scan the "Wuhan Real Name Registration Ride QR Code" in the station to complete the real name registration.

[Contemporary] Jiang Man, Director of Hankou Railway Station, Wuhan Rail Transit Line 2: After passengers enter the station, they must first perform a two-dimensional code authentication, first scan the two-dimensional code of the car, confirm it is the green code, and Through our temperature detection system, we can make sure that the temperature is normal before we can enter the station. If it shows yellow or red, then it means that his health code status is abnormal and he cannot enter the station.

[Explanation] The reporter saw in the subway station that day, in order to control the density of passengers in the carriages, Wuhan Metro posted small yellow labels on the seats of all trains, prompting passengers to "please sit in seats." A row of seats that could seat 6 people was originally labeled with 3 tags. After entering the compartment, passengers can sit in the labeled position. Each train is also equipped with a "car safety officer".

[Contemporary] Subway on-board safety officer: We now have a safety officer on each train, that is, a safety officer on every car running on the line. Our task is to mainly monitor passengers, whether they wear masks, and then let them Don't get together, just stand apart as much as possible, and then try to ensure their safety. Urge them to scan the code and get off the code. This is our main task now.

[Explanation] 63-year-old Ouyang Zhongfang went out that day, in addition to wearing a mask, and also wearing a disposable plastic raincoat. Ouyang Zhongfang said that although the current situation of the epidemic situation has improved, vigilance should still be taken, and people who do not need to travel do not use public transportation for the time being.

[Same period] Ouyang Zhongfang: I hope that the middle-aged and elderly people can still go out as far as possible, because this epidemic prevention means that it is not time to reach a decisive victory, so we still have to cooperate with the government to do a good job in epidemic prevention. There is no need to come out.

[Explanation] Up to now, a total of 6 rail transit lines and 144 bus lines have resumed operation in Wuhan. From 00:00 on March 29th, domestic passenger flights at Hubei Province except Wuhan Tianhe Airport will be resumed. From April 8th, Wuhan will remove the control from Li Han.

Reporter Zou Hao reports from Wuhan, Hubei

Editor-in-chief: [Qi Bin]