Starting on March 28, some railway lines in Wuhan resumed operation.

When passengers travel on the subway, according to the safety management requirements of "one stop, one yard, one carriage, one yard", before entering the station, they must scan the "Wuhan real name registration ride QR code" in the station to obtain the health status and station information. Show to the security inspector before boarding; scan the "Wuhan real name registration boarding QR code" in the car before getting off the station.

People from other provinces who have not obtained the “Green Code” of Hubei Health Code can come to Hubei and Hubei to take the health code of other provinces to take buses and subways.

The reporter saw in the subway station that day, in order to control the density of passengers in the carriages, Wuhan Metro posted small yellow tags on the seats of all trains, prompting passengers to "please sit in seats." Originally, a row of seats for 6 people was affixed with 3 tags. After entering the compartment, passengers can sit in the labeled position. Special reminder, even the accompanying passengers must be seated in a separate seat. Do not gather or talk during the ride. Try to avoid unnecessary contact.

After the operation resumed, each train was equipped with an additional "on-board safety officer", which effectively played the role of safety officer, propagandist, supervisor, and waiter, and propagated and guided passengers in the compartment to remember to scan codes, Wear a mask during the whole process. If you find that the crew members gather and talk, you will be discouraged in time. If a passenger encounters difficulties or needs advice during the ride, the security officer can provide the necessary assistance to the passenger. (Reporter Zou Hao, editor Wu Rui)

Editor-in-chief: [Qi Bin]