The refrigerator is not suitable for all products - difisher

The period of confinement obliges the French to store food to avoid going out too often to do their shopping. But not all products can be kept for as long and under the same conditions. For this, the CLCV, the national association of consumers and users, has listed shelf lives according to the types of conservation of the products that are most frequently consumed.

"#confinement How to avoid shopping too frequently ... But also to escape from food poisoning? Keeping your #food well Bienis one of the keys. Our advice 👉 https: // t. co / Uhz0Owxx5L

- CLCV (@clcvorg) March 23, 2020

Can dairy products be frozen? Why can't we mix all the fruit in a basket? Should you put your vegetables in the fridge? Should I throw away my pasta if the minimum durability date has passed? It is important to know the shelf life of your food to establish your menus and avoid waste. 20 Minutes gives you some information.


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