The intensive care unit of the Bordeaux University Hospital, March 27, 2020. (illustration) - UGO AMEZ / SIPA

1,553 people have tested positive for Covid-19 in Occitania since the start of the pandemic according to figures from the Regional Health Agency, arrested Friday at 5 p.m. In two days, the number of positive tests for the virus increased by 72%. The mobilization of general practitioners likely to refer patients to Covid-19 centers partly explains the sharp increase in this figure. Over 140 centers are open in the region.

The majority of these patients, whose condition does not justify hospitalization, are followed up by telemedicine. Friday, 266 patients were thus monitored remotely by teams from the Montpellier University Hospital. “We maintain regular contact with them. This follow-up is important because there may be a secondary worsening after a week or ten days of evolution, ”says the director of the establishment, Thomas Le Ludec.

Hérault is the most affected department in Occitanie

Among these people tested positive, 622 are being hospitalized in the various establishments of the region, including 186 placed in intensive care. 61 people died in a health facility from the disease, including 18 in Hérault, the officially most affected department in Occitania.

[#Coronavirus] To date, 1553 positive tests in #Occitanie. Tonight, 622 people are hospitalized (186 in intensive care). There were 61 deaths in health establishments but also 269 people who returned home.
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- ARS Occitanie (@ARS_OC) March 27, 2020

These figures only indicate the patients who died in hospitals, and not in nursing homes in particular. In many establishments in the region, mortality rates are very high and much higher than usual figures.


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