Saitama Prefecture Confirmation of 6 new infections New Coronavirus March 28 20:55

In Saitama Prefecture, it was confirmed that a total of 6 people living in the prefecture, from their teens to their 80s, were newly infected with the new coronavirus on the 28th.

According to Saitama Prefecture and Kawaguchi City, the newly confirmed infections were a self-employed male in her 50s living in Kasukabe, a female employee in her 60s in Tokiwa, and a teenager of her relatives. There are six students, a self-employed man in his 40s in Yashio, a corporate officer in his 50s in Sayama, and a man in his 80s in Kawaguchi.

Among them, the man in Yashio City returned from France on the 15th of this month. Prefectural governments are examining their behavioral histories and close contacts. With this, 79 people have been infected with the new coronavirus announced in Saitama Prefecture.