Perpignan prison (illustration) - DAMOURETTE / SIPA

A detainee is said to have tried to escape from the Perpignan hospital center on the night of Thursday to Friday. He had just been admitted there for a suspicion of Covid-19 (the tests ultimately turned out to be negative).

Prison staff were alerted by the other inmates that one of them was having difficulty breathing and was vomiting. So a decision was made to bring him to the hospital.

Incarcerated for a criminal case

Once there, pretending to want to go to the bathroom, he would then have tried to escape, before being caught outside the establishment on a plot of land adjoining the hospital. Brought back to the penitentiary center, he was placed in a disciplinary quarter.

This detainee is incarcerated at the Perpignan prison for a criminal case. He is also subject to another procedure in the criminal court.


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