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Large bowl with bowl

95 ° C stock

1 second cooked egg

5 seconds to cook the meat


One trick "fireless cooking" stunt

Let the bridge rice noodles "Chang Xian" for 300 years

The picture shows Meng Ziren waiting to eat bridge noodles. Photo by Liu Ranyang

Eating lively and fragrant, and living wonderfully, "Cross-bridge Rice Noodles" is a wonderful meal brought to the world by Yunnan. But diners faced a large bowl of hot soup with a dozen dishes, but most people did n’t know how to get started. Today, Xiaoxin teaches everyone how to “snack (eat)” the authentic way to eat rice noodles.

The successor taught the bridge noodle recipe

Before eating, we will teach you how to make bridge noodles. We went to Mengzi, Yunnan, the birthplace of bridge noodles. Please go to the national intangible cultural heritage, Mengzi bridge noodles, and make the skills. .

Wang Lizhu, who was in the age of flowers, operated the "Wang Ji Chrysanthemum Crossing Rice Noodles" in Mengzi, which is synonymous with the tradition, time-honored, authentic and word-of-mouth of the Mengzi bridge noodles.

Wang Lizhu said that the reason why the bridge noodles are delicious is that they use pork ribs, boiled bones, pork belly and chicken to simmer for more than five hours. "The soup is the soul of the traditional bridge noodles."

The picture shows the soup stock cooked over bridge noodles. Photo by Du Xiaoxiao

The broth is fresh and sweet, but the production process can be described as "torment". Wang Lizhu said that she wakes up at 3 am every day to cook the soup. "While shaking a large spoon, while picking up a spoon to remove white foam, and cook for 5 hours." This is 40 years ago, she inherited from her father's " Secret recipe. "

After the broth is cooked, the temperature exceeds 95 degrees Celsius. The soup bowl must be large. First, boil the bowl with boiling water to both disinfect and sterilize the wall. After adding the broth, any raw meat pieces will be cooked for 5 seconds. . The picture shows the rich ingredients in a hot soup at 95 degrees Celsius. Photo by Liu Ranyang

Forty years ago, Wang Lizhu nearly missed the bridge noodle technique. "My father insisted on the old rules, and his skills passed on men but not women." Wang Lizhu had bad eyes and had albinism. She begged several times before her father was willing to teach.

"I'm willing to teach apprentices regardless of their gender, no matter where they come from." Wang Lizhu said, but the premise is that the apprentices are willing to endure hardships. There is no "secret recipe" for crossing the noodles.

Understanding culture before eating is a respect for food

"Mengzi County Records" records: Mengzi crossing the bridge noodles is one of the famous dishes in Yunnan, originated from the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty.

According to legend, the scholar of the Qing Dynasty, studying in Nanhu, studied hard in Nanhu. The distressed wife distressed and then slaughtered chicken soup, sliced ​​meat, prepared rice noodles, and brought food in a can and basket. He fainted at the Nanhu Bridge. , Still hot and hot, after the meat is quickly cooked, the food is extremely delicious, "Cross-bridge rice noodles" spread.

Liu Wenqi, chairman of the Mengzi Bridge Noodles Association, said that Mengzi loves rice noodles and does n’t eat rice noodles for a day, always feeling uncomfortable. “There are thousands of rice noodle shops in Mengzi City. You've been eating for a month in Mengzi, and you don't repeat the same every day. "

"Innovation" is a major cultural feature of bridge noodles. In 1999, Wang Lizhu returned to Mengzi to open a store. At that time, there were thousands of noodle shops in Mengzi and the competition was fierce. Under the pressure of competition, she ingeniously added chrysanthemum petals to the bridge noodles. "Yellow chrysanthemums are not only beautiful, they can also remove greasy and clear the lungs." The first way to eat chrysanthemum bridge noodles has made Wang Lizhu's business flourish.

The picture shows the edible chrysanthemum, one of the side dishes of the bridge noodles. Photo by Liu Ranyang

Today, a new generation of bridge noodle producers has inherited the "innovative" character. Bai Lianzi, the owner of Mengzi “Food Beauty”, introduced the concept of aesthetics to the bridge noodle culture. "The bridge noodles must also pass on the beauty visually." She started from the food environment, tableware selection, and plate design, and transformed the "snack" noodles into "a feast for one person". Not only that, Bai Lianzi also launched vegetarian rice noodles, which is loved by vegetarians.

The picture shows the side dishes of the traditional bridge noodles. Photo by Liu Ranyang

Liu Wenqi said, "Innovation comes from another characteristic of bridge noodles-tolerance." After eating bridge noodles, you should eat a "set" instead of a "bowl". In addition to rice noodles and roll soup, there are many Side dishes such as chrysanthemums, bean tips, grass buds, quail eggs, white fungus, spinal meat, crispy whistles, ham, loin slices, liver slices, fish fillets, coriander, tofu skin ... Peppercorns, hot peppers ... all kinds of tastes are stale, and diners can choose and match according to their own tastes, so that people who travel from north to south can find the flavor that suits them.

Hot soup, throwing noodles traditional bridge noodles = 10 plates of side dishes + 4 plates of meat + 1 plate of tempeh + 1 plate of crispy meat + 1 plate of chrysanthemum + 1 portion of rice noodles + 1 bowl of broth above 95 degrees.

The picture shows a set of traditional bridge noodles. Photo by Miao Chao

It can be described as "a feast for one person"! In fact, most people look at the bridge noodles with rich content and are confused, they don't know how to start. The order of adding ingredients to the bridge noodles is extremely particular. We ask Liu Wenqi, president of the bridge noodles association in Mengzi, to show the authentic way of eating rice noodles:

Once rich (one egg is full of wealth)

Errulaiyun (Ertang fresh meat for a long time)

The picture shows hot fresh meat. Photo by Du Xiaoxiao

Sanqing Xudao (Sanfang Cooked Meat Sui Avenue)

Four seasons bloom (four chrysanthemums pray for Jishou)

The picture shows the chrysanthemum. Photo by Du Xiaoxiao

Wufu Linmen (Wufang Xiangrui Tofu Skin)

Sixty-six Great Shun (Liu Fang Ruyi Pea Pi)

The picture shows the pea tincture. Photo by Du Xiaoxiao

Qixing Gao Zhao (Qi Fang Ginger Spiced Foot)

Bafanglaicai (Bafang Vegetarian Vegetables, Haizhongqing)

The picture shows the tofu skin and vegetarian dishes. Photo by Du Xiaoxiao

Jiu Jiu Concentric (Jiu Fang Chives Concentric)

Perfect and perfect (ten rice noodles cross the bridge circle)

The picture shows the rice noodles. Photo by Du Xiaoxiao

These complicated procedures are not only to ensure that the authentic taste of bridge noodles must be followed, but also to teach people a truth-the speed is not reached.

Wu Tian, ​​who lived in Yunnan from Shanghai, loved crossing rice noodles. She recalled that when she first arrived in Yunnan, she tasted the bridge rice noodles and laughed. I mistakenly thought that the soup was not hot, and I drank it with my mouth, which burned my mouth. "

Wu Tian said that people with a faster pace of life need to slow down in front of the bridge noodles. "It must follow complicated procedures and it feels very ritualistic. It can be said to be the first of traditional snacks in China."

The picture shows a bowl of bridge noodles. Photo by Liu Ranyang

When you have tasted the noodles, you should use a spoon to simmer the soup slowly to your mouth, and make sure that the temperature drops before drinking. The broth is white and translucent, full of the sweetness of pure chicken broth, and the ingredients such as fresh meat slices and quail eggs cooked through the broth are smooth and refreshing. The noodles, which are the main ingredients, are melted at the entrance and maintain the fresh flavor of the rice.

You can also add seasonings such as chili oil and sesame oil according to your personal taste. The red, white, yellow, and green in the big bowl intersect and shine, and the fragrance is delicious, which definitely makes people appetite and taste foul.

In 1939, "Senior Eater" Wang Zengqi went to Kunming to study at Southwest United University. After studying and living in Yunnan for seven years, he sold a dictionary to eat bridge noodles. Wang Zengqi commented, "Chicken fillet, fish fillet, fish fillet and meat are extremely tender , The soup is very fresh, it's really a special thing in food. "

A bowl of bridge noodles, oil slick soup, colorful, elegant bow, "eat across the bridge" and eat, it is also comfortable to the world, and the bowl is extremely domineering.