Ibaraki: Confirmation of three new infections A total of 16 new prefectural coronaviruses on March 28 23:54

Ibaraki Prefecture announced on March 28 that three new people in the prefecture have been confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus. A total of 16 people were infected in Ibaraki Prefecture.

According to Ibaraki Prefecture, two of the newly confirmed infections were PCR-enhanced as 70-year-old male contacts in a 70-year-old male from Tsukuba Mirai City who had been admitted to the General Medical Center in a JA hospital suspected of in-hospital infection. The person who was tested.

One of them was a 40-year-old daughter who had lived with a man, and has no symptoms at the moment, but will be hospitalized in the future.

The other is a man in his 80s who has been hospitalized in the same room as the man, and his symptoms are mild.

Also, on April 27, a woman in her 40s in Tsukuba City who consulted with the Returnees and Contact Center for returning and contact points of fever and uncomfortable feelings was newly confirmed.

He says he has been checking his overseas travel history and behavior, but has not yet confirmed any connection with anyone who has been infected so far.

This is 16 cases in Ibaraki prefecture where infection was confirmed.

In addition, as a close contact of a man in his 70s in Tsukuba Mirai City who was admitted to the General Medical Center at JA Tori, two nurses who had complained of fever and a doctor who was in charge A total of 17 inpatients, eight inpatients in the same room or ward and eight wives who lived with a man, were also tested for PCR but were found to be negative.

Approximately 40 other people who may have had close contact with this man are still being tested.