[Explanation] On March 27, Hong Kong reported another 65 confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia within a day, setting a new highest number of cases in a single day, with a total of 518 cases in Hong Kong. In response to the current serious epidemic situation in Hong Kong, the evening of March 27, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Lin Zhengyue, held a press conference to announce a number of temporary measures to respond to public health emergencies, including prohibiting the gathering of four or more people and closing a series of social entertainment venues.

[Explanation] Lin Zhengyue said that the first regulation is to prohibit groups of more than 4 people from gathering in public places, and it will take effect from 00:00 on March 29. The validity period is 14 days. Anyone who violates the law without a reasonable excuse shall be Offences are punishable by a fine of HK $ 50,000 and imprisonment for 6 months upon conviction, but 12 group gatherings are exempted from punishment.

[Concurrent] The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Lam Cheng Yuet

Regulations prohibit group gatherings. In simple terms, it is illegal to gather more than four people together. Some exempt group gatherings, that is, activities where more than four people can still gather, including gathering in the workplace, including performing government functions, and also including procedures in courts, legislative councils and district boards, are these statutory Institutional work and meetings can continue, including funerals and weddings.

[Explanation] Lin Zhengyue also said that the second regulation is to control the catering business and the operation of certain premises, which will take effect from 6 pm on March 28 and is valid for 14 days. Offenders are liable to a fixed fine of HK $ 2,000 or HK $ 25,000 and imprisonment for 6 months. The regulations include that the seats used in the restaurant cannot exceed 50% of the seats normally provided. There must be a distance of 1.5 meters between the tables or other separation arrangements. Each table cannot have more than 4 people. Anyone must wear a mask in the restaurant. Except during eating, anyone should take a temperature check before entering the restaurant, and the restaurant should provide disinfectant and hand sanitizer.

Lin Zhengyue also announced that the SAR government would close a series of social entertainment venues.

[Concurrent] The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Lam Cheng Yuet

A total of six types of venues will be closed after the regulations take effect. The first is the game console center. These are legally defined and defined. The second is the bathroom. The third is the fitness center. The fourth is the playground. Simple. It includes billiard rooms, bowling alleys, public skating rinks, etc. The fifth is public entertainment venues, including movie theaters, and the sixth is rented spaces for social gatherings, generally called party rooms.

[Explanation] Lin Zhengyue also announced that the SAR Government will launch the second round of "anti-epidemic funds." The government will provide financial support for the affected industries, hoping that related industries will not lay off employees, otherwise it may affect the eligibility to apply for government financial support later.

Reporter Zheng Xing reports from Hong Kong

Editor-in-chief: [Guo Zehua]