China News Network, Harbin, March 28th (Wang Nina) watched each other and overcome the difficulties ... At 18:11 on March 28th, Heilongjiang Province donated 300 sets of protective clothing to the Russian Krasnoyarsk Border District Government and 50,000 disposable medical surgical masks were issued by Harbin Station and will be exported through the Heihe Port to the Krasnoyarsk border region of Russia.

The donated materials include 300 sets of protective clothing and 50,000 disposable medical surgical masks.

Krasnoyarsk Border is located in the central region of Russia and belongs to the Siberian Federal District. In recent years, Heilongjiang Province has maintained friendly cooperative relations with the border region. The donation is an urgent donation at the request of the Krasnoyarsk Border Government, which will help alleviate the shortage of medical supplies in the region. Previously, during the fight against the epidemic in Heilongjiang Province, the Krasnoyarsk Border District Government donated 50,000 disposable masks to Heilongjiang Province to support the epidemic prevention and control in Heilongjiang Province.

Anti-epidemic materials will be shipped to the Russian government of Krasnoyarsk Border Region

During the donation process, Heilongjiang Foreign Affairs Office, Harbin Railway Bureau, Harbin Customs, Heilongjiang Province Frontier Inspection Station, Heihe City, and other departments collaborated efficiently to quickly handle materials transportation, customs clearance and other procedures, and to facilitate the delivery of aid materials to Russia as soon as possible. (Finish)