[Explanation] The global spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic has exposed Yunnan to a huge risk of epidemic import. Based on this, Kunming Customs has taken the most stringent measures to prevent and control the import of overseas epidemics. On March 27, the reporter visited Kunming Changshui International Airport and used the lens to record how the customs staff guarded the "national gate" and fought the front line of fighting the epidemic.

[Explanation] On the same day, a flight from Vientiane, Laos arrived at Kunming Changshui International Airport. Customs officers of Kunming Changshui Airport, affiliated to Kunming Customs, conduct boarding and quarantine on the flight at designated parking spots, conduct temperature testing on all incoming passengers on the flight, verify the Health Declaration Card, conduct epidemiological investigations, and focus on key control and investigation findings Symptoms and other abnormal persons were sampled.

[Contemporary] (Deputy Commissioner of the Customs of Kunming Changshui Airport, Lu Dongbiao) Our customs have adopted sanitary quarantine measures of "three inspections, three rows and one transshipment" for immigrants. The so-called "three investigations" are rigorous examination of health declaration cards, temperature monitoring and screening, and medical inspections; the so-called three rows are epidemiological investigations, medical investigations, and laboratory inspections; the so-called transshipment is based on judgments and judgments. The four categories of confirmed cases, suspected cases, symptomatic persons, and close contacts should be transferred to the local joint prevention and control mechanism for follow-up treatment according to relevant requirements.

[Explanation] After the completion of the quarantine measures, the staff will transfer all the immigrants to the locality for centralized isolation in accordance with the requirements, seamlessly connecting with the local joint prevention and control mechanism, forming a strict closed-loop control.

[Explanation] Yunnan is located in the southwestern border of China and borders Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam. It is China's radiation center facing South Asia and Southeast Asia. The special geographical location makes it especially important to keep abreast of the country and prevent and control overseas epidemic input. For several months, the customs staff of Kunming Changshui Airport have been holding their posts to protect the safety of passengers.

[Contemporary] (Kunming Changshui Airport Customs staff Liu Xiaodan) What we are most afraid of is the incomprehension of passengers, so we still patiently explain to him why we do it on the plane. You wait a long time, but this is to ensure your own safety, but also to ensure the safety of other passengers. As for me, in fact, from the outbreak of the epidemic to boarding the plane, I never said that I was scared because I rushed to the first to board the plane. I never had this idea.

[Explanation] It is understood that if there are "key passengers" on a flight, it may take 4 to 5 hours to dispose of it. Although affected by the epidemic, Kunming Changshui Airport reduced the number of flights, but the stricter and more complicated procedures made the workload of customs staff heavy.

[Same period] (Yang Yuan, a staff member of the Second Section of the Customs and Excise Department of Kunming Changshui Airport) the workload has indeed increased, because the duration is very long. We could have taken a rest by turns if the flight ended in the evening. Except for special circumstances, it goes without saying that my eyes were open all night. Anyway, the biggest impact is definitely on the family side, because my son is really young and has never left me since birth. But because of this incident, I had to send him back. At the beginning, I was also very worried. I was afraid that he would not adapt, but it was just that the child was able to adapt. After a few days, he actually did n’t find you much, and then Just return to "single life".

[Explanation] According to reports, in the face of huge epidemic import risks, Kunming Customs has also strengthened front-line protection, enriched material reserves, and strengthened laboratory testing capacity building. At the same time, professionals are deployed to enrich the front line, further strengthen training, and improve on-site disposal capabilities.

And personal protection level.

Reporter Dao Zhinan reports from Kunming

Editor-in-chief: [Guo Zehua]