This weekend and early next week, patients with coronavirus will be sent by medical trains to French regions which have fewer cases in intensive care. At the Bordeaux University Hospital Center, everything is calculated to optimize the space to accommodate patients, explains on Europe 1 Yann Bubien, general manager of the establishment.

Transfers are accelerating. Some Covid-19 patients will be sent this weekend by medical trains to other French regions than those where they were taken care of, due to overwhelmed resuscitation service. At the Bordeaux University Hospital, everything is calculated to optimize the space for receiving coronavirus patients. Yann Bubien, the director general of the establishment, takes stock of the hospitality capacities of his hospital at the microphone of Europe 1.

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"Each day we assess how many beds we have"

While waiting for patients from saturated regions, the time is ripe for calculations. "Each day we assess how many beds we have, what is the increase in the number of coronaviruses in Bordeaux and in the region," explains the director general. "What you need to know is that the Bordeaux University Hospital, for the past 3 weeks, has organized itself. We have programmed a number of operations," said Yann Bubien.


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"Today, we are able to open 200 resuscitation beds, and we are able to go up to 300 resuscitation beds at the CHU", figures the doctor.

"We have 40 patients in intensive care for coronavirus"

"Every day in a crisis cell we look at the evolution of statistics, of entries. We must also know that there are exits, fortunately, we have to calculate between the number of entry and exit", he explains. he. "We have 40 patients in intensive care for coronavirus. We still have room but indeed everything will depend on the epidemic peak in Bordeaux", concludes the director general of the Bordeaux University Hospital.